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I try to take another
step every day.

We strive to provide better products to our customers,
To the consumers by striving to become a better company today than
yesterday We promise to provide reliable products.


This is the interior and exterior of the Omni C&C factory where masks are actually produced.

  • Up and down zone

    It has a large parking area, so you can get up and down directly on a large vehicle.

  • Loading area

    It has a wide and clean loading zone.

  • Loading area

    Materials and products can be stored safely and cleanly.

  • Clean room

    It is equipped with clean room facilities suitable for the production of items approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

  • Clean room

    We are striving to maintain temperature
    and humidity/cleanliness throughout the entire
    process such as materials/products/production.

  • Public goods production room

    We produce safe products by maintaining cleanliness equivalent to clean rooms.


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